The Nicolescu & Perianu Law Firm was founded in 2004 by merging several individual lawyers' offices. The experience and the reputation of the founders Theodor Nicolescu and Radu Perianu, both in legal field and in public offices, have led to the recognition of the value of the company, both by the clients and by the competition.
As time went on, new lawyers have joined the company which has expanded its number of customer services and has also strengthened and diversified its portfolio of clients.
Beyond the history and its portfolio of clients, the lawyers of Nicolescu & Perianu Law firm are proud of their values :

Client comes first.
We are customer oriented. Our clients really feel us as being part of "their team". We are pragmatic and oriented to results, responding to the specific needs of each client.

People matter.
We are an integrated team, inter-disciplinary and we aim to obtain the best results for our clients and for the company. We value the individual and encourage each team member to excel professionally in a collaborative framework based on ethical principles.

Knowledge is the only way to success.
We value knowledge, we promote and invest in organizational culture based on sharing knowledge, we value and reward those who contribute to dissemination and development of knowledge.

We act with confidence and professionalism.
We respect the highest standards of integrity and the letter and spirit of law and we intend to provide our services at the highest professional standards and according to the highest demands of our customers.

Efficency is the key of our services.
We are organized to offer to our clients exactly what they need, allocating resources at the moment and at the necessary level to achieve the objectives of the client, without loading unnecessary the costs.

About us
We do not want to be the largest law firm. Our goals are to be the best and every day to be better than we were the day before.

Managing Partner
Theodor Nicolescu

June 2010
Theodor Nicolescu attended the annual meeting of European Lawyers Advocacy Network (ELAN), in Edinburgh. Mr. Nicolescu is one of the founding members of this association.

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